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6" Titanium Duel Tone Spark Plug Boot

6" Titanium Duel Tone Spark Plug Boot

Titanium-Plus Vulcan Dual Tone Ultra Protector Sleeve Spark Plug Wire Boot
Custom Look of Carbon Fiber with Style
Vulcan Thermal Solutions has a boot that will work on all your high performance spark plug wire applications. No need to look any further than our Titanium-Plus Vulcan Dual Tone Boot Protectors. The Titanium-Plus Vulcan Dual Tone Spark Plug Boots are manufactured from crushed lava rock filament fiber, interlaced with Silica; this makes these boots strong and flexible while operating at its designed service temp of 2000°F (1093.3 C) continuous and 3000°F (1648.9 C) of radiant heat. There is not a boot on the market today that will take temperatures higher and last longer, with Style. With all this your engine compartment will have a custom look of carbon fiber with The Stylish Titanium-Plus Vulcan Dual Tone Spark Plug Boot Protectors.
Withstands 2000°F (1093.3 C); 3000°F (1648.9 C) intermittent
Resist chemicals
25% stronger than fiberglass boots
Fit is universal for most angled and straight boots.
Helps reduce misfires
Enhance Performance
Extends life of wire & boots
Resists damaging chemicals
Easy installation
Stylish Titanium Carbon fiber look
Length 6 inches (15.2 cm)
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